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"Salon Ghar Pe" project is about booking home salon services for end users.

Website :


Android :


Will publish soon

App Development (Android+iOS): Hybrid App using Ionic Framework

Back-end: REST APIs using Laravel PHP/MySQL

Web Development : PHP Laravel, My Sql, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap

Server: AWS

Need modifications and deploy in app store and play store and aws. PFA .

Terms and Conditions
Set up AWS simple Deployment process with continuous delivery in my operating system (Ubuntu)
Set up Android app simple Deployment with continuous delivery in my operating system (Ubuntu)
Work on my system for all changes through remote access
Any issue shall arise during execution of the project will be fixed by the you (developer) without any additional cost
You should complete the project in 2 weeks
Payment will be made as per milestones created by the owner of this project
Ios App Deployement is already setup in operating system (Mac)

Skills Required:


Other - Outside Pakistan

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