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I need this project to be completed as much quickly as possible...Its a very short project in which you have to create a blood bank management system using My SQL ASP.NET C# and the entity framework.....A master page over all the screens is mandatory....project should not be too deep just it should perform the crud operations and must be moderately styled.
Main part of the project is that it must perform crud operations....

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Karachi » Sindh

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  • jessy123 11d 3h ago

    Are You Ready to complete the project within the given time....

  • zainkalim 10d 6h ago

    I CAN complete your project within given time....

  • jessy123 10d 4h ago

    actually we are in a hurry ......and we need it as soon as possible.....as i have said that the project should have a master page and it should perform all crud operation and it must contain a login page too.....for reference you can see from google projects made already on this topic.....even if you copy from there too doesn't matter....but i need the project running on our machines at any cost.....the mysql part and visual studio etc......you must use html asp.net and the mysql along with entity frame work.......and tell me how soon you'll submit us.?

  • zainkalim 10d 4h ago

    i can complete ur work in your given time.... but i just wants to ask if the budget is fixed or not?

  • jessy123 10d 4h ago

    actually its a short scale project even i have facilitated you if you want to copy from google you can...there fore the budget is fixed...

  • jessy123 10d 4h ago

    but the core requirement is the project must run on our machines.....

  • zainkalim 10d 4h ago


  • jessy123 10d 4h ago

    so when you'll submit me?

  • zainkalim 10d 4h ago

    i need to look at it first... Can't assure you right now

  • zainkalim 10d 4h ago

    The budget is an issue for me , bcz it requires work and ur budget is very limited

  • jessy123 10d 4h ago

    but i am facilitating you to use google even......completed projects are available there......we have a problem that they are in zip files and we dont know how to run it.....i think that would require less effort and the budget is as per it......

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