Digitize School Management

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I will provide a School Management System to digitize daily tasks of a school. The system comes in 3 packages:

1) Admin Package
This Package consist of single user type i.e Admin. The user will login to system and perform following tasks:

a) Add/Manage Teachers/Students/Parents
b) Create/Manage Classes/Subjects/Schedule/Exams/Results
c) Manage Attendance

2) Admin & Teacher Package
This Package includes two user type i.e Admin & teachers.

The Admin will login to system and perform all previously mentioned tasks along with:
a) Add/Manage Notices

The Teacher will login to system and perform following tasks:

a) View Student List/Class List/Schedules/Exams/Notices
b) Manage attendance
c) Add/View results

3) Complete Package.
This Package include two more user type Students & Parents (In addition to Admin & Teacher), who will be able to:
a) View student's status
b) View class schedule
c) View exam schedules
d) View Notices

Please note that i reserve the right to reuse complete or part of design in my other works.
Delivery in 5 day(s)
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