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I am a experienced professional Software developer. I have complete my MSc in Computer Science Degree from University of Gujrat.Then start Working as a .Net Developer at Nexthon Technologies .
I enjoy being challenged and working on projects that require me to work outside my comfort and knowledge set, as continuing to learn new languages and development techniques are important to me and the success of your organization.
Your listed requirements closely match my background and skills. A few I would like to highlight that would enable me to contribute to your bottom line are:
Highly skilled in designing, testing, and developing software
Thorough understanding of data structures and algorithms
Knowledgeable of back-end development best practices
Hands-on software troubleshooting experience
Hand-on experience on C#.
Proven track record of proper documentation for future maintenance and upgrades.
My Key Responsibilities are to Understand the requirement , Build the product , test the product, give a demo and if changes are required then do it again.Always think out of box.
Key Responsibility:
Understand the Problem.
Make easy solution.
Always use dynamic approach.

Tool and Technologies:-
Programming/Languages: C# .Java, C, C++,ASP.Net, PHP, MySQL,HTML,CSS,Bootstrap.
Databases Management: SQL Server, MS Access

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