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FAQs - PakLancers

Q. What is PakLancer.pk?

A. PakLancers.pk is Pakistani largest freelance portal to help freelancers in Pakistan.

Q. Is PakLancers.pk is FREE to join?

A. Yes! PakLancers registration is absolutely FREE.

Q. Is project/job posting is FREE for clients on PakLancers?

A. Yes project/job posting is absolutely FREE.

Q. What payment gateways are included in PakLancers.pk?

A. Currently we have integrated Local Pakistani Bank Account Transfer and Skrill.

Q. What are the charges for client?

A. PakLancers charges are 0% of the deposit that you upload in your account to pay freelancer. Other Govt. and any kind of taxes are excluded hence will be paid by client if occurs.

Q. What is withdrawal fee?

A. No! There is a fixed amount of withdrawal that is 150/- Pakistani Rupees for each withdrawal. No matter how much you withdraw, minimum and maximum, withdrawal fee will be the same. Other Govt. and any kind of taxes are excluded hence will be paid by client if occurs.

Q. Do PakLancers.pk has an Escrow system?

A. Yes! Our Escrow systems protects both clients and freelancers of being defaulter or not being delivered the deliverables. After posting the job and hiring the freelancer, client is supposed to Escrow the funds so that freelancer can be assured of. Likewise if client forgets to Escrow the funds, freelancer should ask client to Escrow the funds first.

Q. What if client forgets or don’t have intention to pay after hiring and escrow funds?

A. Don’t worry if such thing happens and as freelancer you’ve delivered the deliverables and client doesn’t pay you. PakLancers will release the payment.

Q. What if after hiring a freelancer, freelancer vanished and doesn’t deliver the deliverables?

A. Do not worry! Client money is as safe as for freelancer’s. Client’s money will be returned to his/her account.

Q. Is there any review system?

A. Yes! Without review system a freelance platform is incomplete. After a successful job done, both client and freelancer can give reviews for each other.

Q. What if there is a dispute?

A. Both client and freelancer will be asked to contact through our Support Department. PakLancers dispute resolution department may call both parties to have a Skype conversation. The decision of PakLancers.pk dispute resolution department will be considered FULL and FINAL.

Q. How can I contact PakLancers.pk?

A. You alwasy can contact us through Contact Us page and can create Support Ticket at any time. Our representative will get back to you shortly. You also can send us email at contact@paklancers.pk and support@paklancers.pk