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About Us - PakLancers

Welcome PakLancers!

PakLancers.pk is a Pakistani Freelance portal established in March 2016. Keeping in view the importance and increasing demand of outsourcing work “PakLancers.pk” is shaped out.

PakLancers wears a company cap and registered in Lahore, Pakistan under the Companies Ordinance 1984. PakLancers is Tax Payer Company.

The idea was bring forward after a Facebook group named “Pakistan Freelancers” where 500k+ Pakistani members including clients, freelancers, entrepreneurs, teachers, graphic designers, web developers, digital marketing professionals, engineers; etc. are fully active with helping each other, posting their project needs and hiring freelancers as well as teaching and guiding the new comers.

Since the Facebook group doesn’t have enough functionality to handle and work as a freelance portal so the idea of making a local market place was clicked and it took couple of months to launch the first largest Pakistani freelance portal.

PakLancers also aimed and holds a level to provide quality trainings about freelance world, online trainings and short courses about graphic designing, web development, digital marketing and other trainings that covers all IT/software arena.

At PakLancers.pk you may register yourself either Client or Freelancer or both. As a client you don’t need to hire a full time resource at your office. Just join PakLancers.pk and post your project details for FREE. Choose a best freelancer, get your work done and pay with local payment gateways in local currency. An a client you can outsource from web design and development professionals, graphic designers, digital marketing consultants, data entry professionals, quality writers and more.

PakLancers.pk comparing to other freelancing platform charges as much less as you can think. You may want to see our Fee and Charges page.
Our Escrow system secures payments for both clients and freelancers. We charge a minor fee by client upon depositing funds in PakLancers.pk wallet. From freelancers we charge a fixed withdrawal charges. You may want to see our Fee and Charges page.

PakLancers.pk is simply an effort for Pakistani Freelancers and FREE to join.